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13 Ordinary Differential Equations

Stan provides a built-in mechanism for specifying and solving systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Three different solvers, tuned for solving non-stiff systems and for stiff systems are available.

  • rk45: a fourth and fifth order Runge-Kutta method for non-stiff systems (Dormand and Prince 1980; Ahnert and Mulansky 2011), and

  • adams: a variable-step, variable-order, Adams-Moulton formula implementation for non-stiff systems (Cohen and Hindmarsh 1996; Serban and Hindmarsh 2005)

  • bdf: a variable-step, variable-order, backward-differentiation formula implementation for stiff systems (Cohen and Hindmarsh 1996; Serban and Hindmarsh 2005)

For a discussion of stiff ODE systems, see the stiff ODE section. The function signatures for Stan’s ODE solvers can be found in the reference manual section on ODE solvers.


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