cmdstanr 0.2.0

Bug fixes

  • Fix potential indexing error if using read_cmdstan_csv() with CSV files created by CmdStan without CmdStanR. (#291, #292, @johnlees)

  • Fix error when returning draws or sampler diagnostics for a fit with only warmup and no samples. (#288, #293)

  • Fix trailing slashes issue for dir in cmdstan_model() and output_dir in fitting methods. (#281, #294)

  • Fix dimensions error when processing a list of matrices passed in as data. (#296, #302)

  • Fix reporting of time after using fixed_param method. (#303, #307)

  • With refresh = 0, no output other than error messages is printed with $optimize() and $variational(). (#324)

  • Fix issue where names of generated files could clash. (#326, #328)

  • Fix missing include_paths in $syntax_check(). (#335, @mike-lawrence)

New features

  • CSV reading is now faster by using data.table::fread(). (#318)

  • install_cmdstan() gains argument version for specifying which version of CmdStan to install. (#300, #308)

  • New function check_cmdstan_toolchain() that checks if the appropriate toolchains are available. (#289)

  • $sample() method for CmdStanModel objects gains argument chain_ids for specifying custom chain IDs. (#319)

  • Added support for the sig_figs argument in CmdStan versions 2.25 and above. (#327)

  • Added checks if the user has the necessary permissions in the RTools and temporary folders. (#343)

cmdstanr 0.1.3

  • New $check_syntax() method for CmdStanModel objects. (#276, #277)

cmdstanr 0.1.2

  • User is notified by message at load time if a new release of CmdStan is available. (#265, #273)

  • write_stan_file() replaces write_stan_tempfile(), which is now deprecated. With the addition of the dir argument, the file written is not necessarily temporary. (#267, #272)

cmdstanr 0.1.1

cmdstanr 0.1.0

  • Beta release