Registers CmdStanR's knitr engine eng_cmdstan() for processing Stan chunks. Refer to the vignette R Markdown CmdStan Engine for a demonstration.

register_knitr_engine(override = TRUE)



(logical) Override knitr's built-in, RStan-based engine for Stan? The default is TRUE. See Details.


If override = TRUE (default), this registers CmdStanR's knitr engine as the engine for stan chunks, replacing knitr's built-in, RStan-based engine. If override = FALSE, this registers a cmdstan engine so that both engines may be used in the same R Markdown document. If the template supports syntax highlighting for the Stan language, the cmdstan chunks will have stan syntax highlighting applied to them.

See the vignette R Markdown CmdStan Engine for an example.

Note: When running chunks interactively in RStudio (e.g. when using R Notebooks), it has been observed that the built-in, RStan-based engine is used for stan chunks even when CmdStanR's engine has been registered in the session. When the R Markdown document is knit/rendered, the correct engine is used. As a workaround, when running chunks interactively, it is recommended to use the override = FALSE option and change stan chunks to be cmdstan chunks.

If you would like to keep stan chunks as stan chunks, it is possible to specify engine = "cmdstan" in the chunk options after registering the cmdstan engine with override = FALSE.