Create a stanfit object from the saved CSV files that are created by Stan or RStan and that include the samples drawn from the distribution of interest to facilitate analysis of samples using RStan.

read_stan_csv(csvfiles, col_major = TRUE)



A character vector providing CSV file names


The order for array parameters; default to TRUE


Stan and RStan could save the samples to CSV files. This function reads the samples and using the comments (beginning with "#") to create a stanfit object. The model name is derived from the first CSV file.

col_major specifies how array parameters are ordered in each row of the CSV files. For example, parameter "a[2,2]" would be ordered as "a[1,1], a[2,1], a[1,2], a[2,2]" if col_major is TRUE.


A stanfit object (with invalid stanmodel slot). This stanfit

object cannot be used to re-run the sampler.

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csvfiles <- dir(system.file('misc', package = 'rstan'),
                pattern = 'rstan_doc_ex_[0-9].csv', full.names = TRUE)
fit <- read_stan_csv(csvfiles)