A CmdStanLaplace object is the fitted model object returned by the $laplace() method of a CmdStanModel object.


CmdStanLaplace objects have the following associated methods, all of which have their own (linked) documentation pages.

Extract contents of fitted model object

$draws()Return approximate posterior draws as a draws_matrix.
$mode()Return the mode as a CmdStanMLE object.
$lp()Return the total log probability density (target) computed in the model block of the Stan program.
$lp_approx()Return the log density of the approximation to the posterior.
$init()Return user-specified initial values.
$metadata()Return a list of metadata gathered from the CmdStan CSV files.
$code()Return Stan code as a character vector.

Summarize inferences

$summary()Run posterior::summarise_draws().

Save fitted model object and temporary files

$save_object()Save fitted model object to a file.
$save_output_files()Save output CSV files to a specified location.
$save_data_file()Save JSON data file to a specified location.
$save_latent_dynamics_files()Save diagnostic CSV files to a specified location.

Report run times, console output, return codes

$time()Report the run time of the Laplace sampling step.
$output()Pretty print the output that was printed to the console.
$return_codes()Return the return codes from the CmdStan runs.

See also

The CmdStanR website (mc-stan.org/cmdstanr) for online documentation and tutorials.

The Stan and CmdStan documentation:

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