A list of available diagnostics and links to their individual help pages.


See individual functions for a description of return types.


ess_basic()Basic version of effective sample size
ess_bulk()Bulk effective sample size
ess_tail()Tail effective sample size
ess_quantile()Effective sample sizes for quantiles
ess_sd()Effective sample sizes for standard deviations
mcse_mean()Monte Carlo standard error for the mean
mcse_quantile()Monte Carlo standard error for quantiles
mcse_sd()Monte Carlo standard error for standard deviations
pareto_khat()Pareto khat diagnostic for tail(s)
pareto_diags()Additional diagnostics related to Pareto khat
rhat_basic()Basic version of Rhat
rhat()Improved, rank-based version of Rhat
rhat_nested()Rhat for use with many short chains
rstar()R* diagnostic