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3.8 Power and Logarithm Functions

R sqrt(T x)
square root of x

R cbrt(T x)
cube root of x

R square(T x)
square of x

R exp(T x)
natural exponential of x

R exp2(T x)
base-2 exponential of x

R log(T x)
natural logarithm of x

R log2(T x)
base-2 logarithm of x

R log10(T x)
base-10 logarithm of x

real pow(real x, real y)
Return x raised to the power of y. \[ \text{pow}(x,y) = x^y \]

R pow(T1 x, T2 y)
Vectorized implementation of the pow function

R inv(T x)
inverse of x

R inv_sqrt(T x)
inverse of the square root of x

R inv_square(T x)
inverse of the square of x