acknowledging Stan

How to Cite Stan

We appreciate citations for the Stan software because it lets us find out what people have been doing with Stan and motivate further grant funding. Below are our recommendations citations for each component of Stan.

We do not have any particular recommendations regarding which component(s) you cite in a given publication. Many authors cite only the interface they use, while some also include the language manual or the overview paper.

Overview Paper

  • Bob Carpenter, Andrew Gelman, Matthew D. Hoffman, Daniel Lee, Ben Goodrich, Michael Betancourt, Marcus Brubaker, Jiqiang Guo, Peter Li, and Allen Riddell. 2017. Stan: A probabilistic programming language. Journal of Statistical Software 76(1). DOI 10.18637/jss.v076.i01

Language Manual

  • Stan Development Team. 2018. Stan Modeling Language Users Guide and Reference Manual, Version 2.18.0.

Stan Math Library

  • Stan Development Team. 2018. The Stan Math Library, Version 2.18.0.

  • Bob Carpenter, Matthew D. Hoffman, Marcus Brubaker, Daniel Lee, Peter Li, and Michael J. Betancourt. 2015. The Stan Math Library: Reverse-Mode Automatic Differentiation in C++. arXiv 1509.07164.

Stan Core Library

  • Stan Development Team. 2018. The Stan Core Library, Version 2.18.0.


  • Stan Development Team. 2018. RStan: the R interface to Stan. R package version 2.17.3.


  • Stan Development Team. 2018. PyStan: the Python interface to Stan, Version


  • Stan Development Team. 2018. CmdStan: the command-line interface to Stan, Version 2.18.0.


  • Stan Development Team. 2017. MatlabStan: the MATLAB interface to Stan.


  • Stan Development Team. 2018. Stan.jl: the Julia interface to Stan, Version 3.5.0.


  • Stan Development Team. 2017. StataStan: the Stata interface to Stan.


  • Stan Development Team. 2018. RStanArm: Bayesian applied regression modeling via Stan. R package version 2.17.4.


  • Stan Development Team. 2018. ShinyStan: Interactive Visual and Numerical Diagnostics and Posterior Analysis for Bayesian Models. R package version 2.5.0.