Print basic information regarding the fitted model and a summary for the parameters of interest estimated by the samples included in a stanfit object.

# S3 method for stanfit
print(x, pars = x@sim$pars_oi, 
      probs = c(0.025, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 0.975),
      digits_summary = 2, include = TRUE, ...)



An object of S4 class stanfit.


A character vector of parameter names. The default is all parameters for which samples are saved. If include = FALSE, then the specified parameters are excluded from the printed summary.


A numeric vector of quantiles of interest. The default is c(0.025,0.25,0.5,0.75,0.975).


The number of significant digits to use when printing the summary, defaulting to 2. Applies to the quantities other than the effective sample size, which is always rounded to the nearest integer.


Logical scalar (defaulting to TRUE) indicating whether to include or exclude the parameters named by the pars argument.


Additional arguments passed to the summary method for stanfit objects.


The information regarding the fitted model includes the number of iterations, the number of chains, the total number of saved iterations, the estimation algorithm used, and the timestamp indicating when sampling finished.

The parameter summaries computed include means, standard deviations (sd), quantiles, Monte Carlo standard errors (se_mean), split Rhats, and effective sample sizes (n_eff). The summaries are computed after dropping the warmup iterations and merging together the draws from all chains.

In addition to the model parameters, summaries for the log-posterior (lp__) are also reported.

See also

S4 class stanfit and particularly its method summary, which is used to obtain the values that are printed.