Rename variables in a draws object.

rename_variables(.x, ...)

# S3 method for draws
rename_variables(.x, ...)



(draws) A draws object.


One or more expressions, separated by commas, indicating the variables to rename. The variable names can be unquoted (new_name = old_name) or quoted ("new_name" = "old_name"). For non-scalar variables, all elements can be renamed together ("new_name" = "old_name") or they can be renamed individually ("new_name[1]" = "old_name[1]").


Returns a draws object of the same format as .x, with variables renamed according to the expressions provided in ....

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#> [1] "mu" "tau" "theta[1]" "theta[2]" "theta[3]" "theta[4]" #> [7] "theta[5]" "theta[6]" "theta[7]" "theta[8]"
x <- rename_variables(x, mean = mu, sigma = tau) variables(x)
#> [1] "mean" "sigma" "theta[1]" "theta[2]" "theta[3]" "theta[4]" #> [7] "theta[5]" "theta[6]" "theta[7]" "theta[8]"
x <- rename_variables(x, b = `theta[1]`) # or b = "theta[1]" variables(x)
#> [1] "mean" "sigma" "b" "theta[2]" "theta[3]" "theta[4]" #> [7] "theta[5]" "theta[6]" "theta[7]" "theta[8]"
# rename all elements of 'theta' at once x <- rename_variables(x, alpha = theta) variables(x)
#> [1] "mean" "sigma" "b" "alpha[2]" "alpha[3]" "alpha[4]" #> [7] "alpha[5]" "alpha[6]" "alpha[7]" "alpha[8]"