StanCon Submissions

StanCon Submissions

StanCon’s version of conference proceedings will be a collection of contributed talks based on interactive, self-contained notebooks (e.g., knitr, R Markdown, Jupyter, etc.). Anyone using Stan is welcome to submit a contributed talk. For example, you might demonstrate a novel modeling technique, or (possibly simplified version of) a novel application, etc. There is no minimum or maximum length.

Submissions will be peer reviewed by the StanCon organizers and all accepted notebooks will be published in an official StanCon repository. If your submission is accepted we may ask you to present during one of the StanCon sessions.

Submission contents

Each submission should include:

  • the notebook
  • separate files containing the Stan program, data, initializations if used, etc.
  • a permissive license for everything such as CC BY 4.0

Examples of accepted submissions from last year are available in our stancon_talks repository on GitHub.

Please take care to ensure that your notebook runs out of the box, otherwise we cannot guarantee full consideration.


September 16, 2017 5:00:00 AM GMT

Update We have extended the submission deadline two weeks to September 29, 2017 5:00:00 AM GMT. The sooner you submit the sooner you will receive a decision about your submission.

How to submit

Please email all submissions and questions about submissions to

Submission should be sent as a zip archive, tar archive, or link to a public repository.