Development Team

Development Team

Stan is a team effort that could not be carried out without the generous support of grants, foundations, sponsors, and volunteer developers.

Core Developers (in order of joining)

    Andrew Gelman bio photo
    Andrew Gelman
    Columbia University
    Bob Carpenter bio photo
    Bob Carpenter
    Flatiron Institute
    Daniel Lee bio photo
    Daniel Lee
    Ben Goodrich bio photo
    Ben Goodrich
    Columbia University
    Michael Betancourt bio photo
    Michael Betancourt
    Independent Consultant
    Jiqiang Guo bio photo
    Jiqiang Guo
    Lucus Advisors
    Allen Riddell bio photo
    Allen Riddell
    Indiana University
    Marco Inacio bio photo
    Marco Inacio
    University of São Paulo/UFSCar
    Jeffrey Arnold bio photo
    Jeffrey Arnold
    Mitzi Morris bio photo
    Mitzi Morris
    Columbia University
    Rob Trangucci bio photo
    Rob Trangucci
    University of Michigan
    Rob Goedman bio photo
    Rob Goedman
    Independent Consultant
    Brian Lau bio photo
    Brian Lau
    CNRS, Paris
    Jonah Gabry bio photo
    Jonah Gabry
    Columbia University
    Robert L. Grant bio photo
    Robert L. Grant
    Krzysztof Sakrejda bio photo
    Krzysztof Sakrejda
    UMass, Amherst
    Aki Vehtari bio photo
    Aki Vehtari
    Aalto University
    Rayleigh Lei bio photo
    Rayleigh Lei
    University of Michigan
    Sebastian Weber bio photo
    Sebastian Weber
    Novartis Pharma
    Charles Margossian bio photo
    Charles Margossian
    Columbia University
    Vincent Picaud bio photo
    Vincent Picaud
    CEA, France
    Imad Ali bio photo
    Imad Ali
    Sean Talts bio photo
    Sean Talts
    Columbia University
    Ben Bales bio photo
    Ben Bales
    Columbia University
    Ari Hartikainen bio photo
    Ari Hartikainen
    Aalto University
    Matthijs Vákár bio photo
    Matthijs Vákár
    Utrecht University
    Andrew Johnson bio photo
    Andrew Johnson
    Aalto University
    Dan Simpson bio photo
    Dan Simpson
    University of Toronto
    Yi Zhang bio photo
    Yi Zhang
    Metrum Research Group
    Paul Bürkner bio photo
    Paul Bürkner
    University of Stuttgart
    Steve Bronder bio photo
    Steve Bronder
    Capital One, Columbia University
    Rok Cesnovar bio photo
    Rok Cesnovar
    University of Ljubljana
    Erik Strumbelj bio photo
    Erik Strumbelj
    University of Ljubljana
    Edward A. Roualdes bio photo
    Edward A. Roualdes
    California State University, Chico
    Andre Zapico bio photo
    Andre Zapico
    Ryan Bernstein bio photo
    Ryan Bernstein
    Columbia University
    Michael Thomas bio photo
    Michael Thomas
    Tadej Ciglarič bio photo
    Tadej Ciglarič
    University of Ljubljana
    Marco Colombo bio photo
    Marco Colombo
    Independent Consultant
    Adam Haber bio photo
    Adam Haber
    Weizmann Institute
    Martin Modrák bio photo
    Martin Modrák
    Institute of Microbiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences
    Nicusor Serban bio photo
    Nicusor Serban
    Maria Gorinova bio photo
    Maria Gorinova
    University of Edinburgh
    Duco Veen bio photo
    Duco Veen
    Utrecht University
    Hyunji Moon bio photo
    Hyunji Moon
    Seoul National University, NextOpt
    Sean Pinkney bio photo
    Sean Pinkney
    Comscore, Inc.
    Simon Dirmeier bio photo
    Simon Dirmeier
    Artificialy SA
    Shinyoung Kim bio photo
    Shinyoung Kim
    Kookmin University
    Måns Magnusson bio photo
    Måns Magnusson
    Uppsala University
    Hamada S. Badr bio photo
    Hamada S. Badr
    Johns Hopkins University
    Yuling Yao bio photo
    Yuling Yao
    Flatiron Institute
    Brian Ward bio photo
    Brian Ward
    Flatiron Institute
    Nicholas DiDio bio photo
    Nicholas DiDio
    Stevens Institute of Technology
    Johann D. Gaebler bio photo
    Johann D. Gaebler
    Stanford University

Development Team Alumni

Developers who have made important contributions in the past, but are no longer contributing actively:

    Matt Hoffman bio photo
    Matt Hoffman
    while at:  Columbia University;  Adobe Creative Technologies Lab
    Michael Malecki bio photo
    Michael Malecki
    while at:  Columbia University;  YouGov plc;
    Yuanjun Gao bio photo
    Yuanjun Gao
    while at:  Columbia University
    Peter Li bio photo
    Peter Li
    while at:  Columbia University
    Alp Kucukelbir bio photo
    Alp Kucukelbir
    while at:  Columbia University
    Dustin Tran bio photo
    Dustin Tran
    while at:  Columbia University
    Marcus Brubaker bio photo
    Marcus Brubaker
    while at:  York University

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For more info on how join the the development team, read about how to contribute to Stan.