External References

External References

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Books with Examples Translated to Stan

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Code may be found in the Stan example models repo.

Papers about Stan

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Papers About Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

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Books using Stan

  • Suzuki, J. 2023. WAIC and WBIC with R Stan: 100 Exercises for Building Logic. Springer.

  • Matsuura, K.. 2022. Bayesian Statistical Modeling with Stan, R, and Python. Springer.

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Software using Stan

  • McElreath, R.   rethinking: Statistical Rethinking book package, version 1.58. GitHub project rmcelreath/rethinking. Language: R

  • Bürkner, P.-C.   brms: Bayesian Regression Models using Stan. CRAN package brms. Language: R

  • Facebook.   PROPHET: Forecasting at Scale. Languages: R and Python

Additional CRAN packages using Stan in R can be found in the reverse links from the packages rstan and rstanarm.

Software using the No-U-Turn Sampler

  • ICON, plc. 2017. NONMEM 7.4, Nonlinear mixed effects models for pharmacometrics. [commercial paid license, not open source]

  • PyMC Developers. 2016. PyMC3: Probabilistic programming in Python. GitHub project pymc-devs/pymc3.