statistical analysis with Stan

Interfaces and Installation

In order to facilitate inference, Stan provides both a modeling language for specifying complex statistical models and a library of statistical algorithms for computing inferences with those models. These components are exposed through interfaces in environments such as R, Python, and the command line.

To get started with Stan head over to our interfaces page where you will find documentation and installation instructions about each of our interfaces:

Documentation, Tutorials, and Case Studies

Already playing with Stan in your favorite computing environment? Then it’s time to put Stan to use and fit some models! For information on the Stan modeling language as well as tutorials, case studies, and examples, head over to our documentation page,

Contact Us

If you’re looking for help with installing Stan, coding and debugging Stan programs, Bayesian inference in general, or just want to let everyone know what you’re doing with Stan then please post to the Stan Forums,

Everyone who joins the forum has posting privileges. We love hearing about application of Stan and we try very hard to be as helpful as possible, so please don’t be shy to introduce yourself, share your work, or ask a question!

If you think you have found a bug in Stan or would like to request new features then you can also post an issue to the appropriate interface-specific issue tracker. For more information see


For information on how to cite Stan and its interfaces see