The theme_default() function returns the default ggplot theme used by the bayesplot plotting functions. See bayesplot_theme_set() for details on setting and updating the plotting theme.

  base_size = getOption("bayesplot.base_size", 12),
  base_family = getOption("bayesplot.base_family", "serif")


base_size, base_family

Base font size and family (passed to ggplot2::theme_bw()). It is possible to set "bayesplot.base_size" and "bayesplot.base_family" via options() to change the defaults, which are 12 and "serif", respectively.


A ggplot theme object.

See also

bayesplot_theme_set() to change the ggplot theme.

bayesplot-colors to set or view the color scheme used for plotting.

bayesplot-helpers for a variety of convenience functions, many of which provide shortcuts for tweaking theme elements after creating a plot.


#> [1] "theme" "gg"
bayesplot_theme_set() # defaults to setting theme_default() x <- example_mcmc_draws() mcmc_hist(x)
#> `stat_bin()` using `bins = 30`. Pick better value with `binwidth`.
# change the default font size and family for bayesplots bayesplot_theme_set(theme_default(base_size = 8, base_family = "sans")) mcmc_hist(x)
#> `stat_bin()` using `bins = 30`. Pick better value with `binwidth`.
mcmc_areas(x, regex_pars = "beta")
# change back bayesplot_theme_set() mcmc_areas(x, regex_pars = "beta")