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rstanarm is an R package that emulates other R model-fitting functions but uses Stan (via the rstan package) for the back-end estimation. The primary target audience is people who would be open to Bayesian inference if using Bayesian software were easier but would use frequentist software otherwise.


Latest Release

The most recent rstanarm release can be installed from CRAN via


Development Version

To install from GitHub, first make sure that you can install the rstan package and C++ toolchain by following these instructions. Once rstan is successfully installed, you can install rstanarm from GitHub using the devtools package by executing the following in R:

if (!require(devtools)) {
install_github("stan-dev/rstanarm", args = "--preclean", build_vignettes = FALSE)

Make sure to include the args = "--preclean" and build_vignettes = FALSE arguments or the development version of package will not install properly. If installation fails, please let us know by filing an issue.


If you are interested in contributing to the development of rstanarm please see the Contributing to development page of the Github wiki.