Stan C++

Stan C++

source-to-source compiler & inference algorithms

The Stan C++ package includes the language source-to-source compiler, I/O, inference algorithms, and posterior analysis algorithms used to run Stan.


Download stable releases or clone the repository directly from GitHub.

The library depends on the Stan Math Library as a submodule in Git.


Documentation beyond that in the code is summarized on the wiki.

Stan programs are translated to C++ classes, which are documented on the wiki.

the [model

concept wiki]( (GitHub).


The wiki also describes the code development process and coding standards. There are to-do lists and design discussions before issues are created.

Unit Testing

Unit tests aim to cover all of the library functionality; see the included script,

Source Code and Issue Tracker

The Stan C++ Library’s source code and issue tracker are hosted by GitHub.


The Stan C++ Library is open-source licensed under the