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How to Cite Stan

We appreciate citations for the Stan software because it lets us find out what people have been doing with Stan and motivate further grant funding. Here are citations for the manual, the core libraries, and the interfaces.

Language Manual

  • Stan Development Team. 2016. Stan Modeling Language Users Guide and Reference Manual, Version 2.15.0.

Stan Math Library

  • Stan Development Team. 2016. The Stan Math Library, Version 2.15.0.

Stan C++ Library

  • Stan Development Team. 2016. The Stan C++ Library, Version 2.15.0.


  • Stan Development Team. 2016. RStan: the R interface to Stan. R package version 2.14.1.


  • Stan Development Team. 2016. PyStan: the Python interface to Stan, Version


  • Stan Development Team. 2016. CmdStan: the command-line interface to Stan, Version 2.15.0.


  • Stan Development Team. 2016. MatlabStan: the MATLAB interface to Stan.


  • Stan Development Team. 2016. Stan.jl: the Julia interface to Stan.


  • Stan Development Team. 2016. StataStan: the Stata interface to Stan.


  • Stan Development Team. 2017. RStanArm: Bayesian applied regression modeling via Stan. R package version 2.14.1.


  • Stan Development Team. 2017. ShinyStan: Interactive Visual and Numerical Diagnostics and Posterior Analysis for Bayesian Models. R package version 2.3.0.

Books about Stan

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Books with Examples Translated to Stan

Code at: Stan example models repo

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Papers about Stan

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Papers Using Stan

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Theses using Stan

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Papers Citing Stan

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Papers using NUTS

  • Nigel Goodwin. 2015. Bridging the Gap Between Deterministic and Probabilistic Uncertainty Quantification Using Advanced Proxy Based Methods. Proceedings of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Reservoir Simulation Symposium.

Software using Stan

  • Richard McElreath. 2016. rethinking: Statistical Rethinking book package, version 1.58. GitHub project rmcelreath/rethinking.

Software using NUTS

  • PyMC Developers. 2016. PyMC3: Probabilistic programming in Python. Version beta. GitHub project pymc-devs/pymc3.